"We’re still there, aren’t we?


A Clockwork Orange (1971), dir. Stanley Kubrick

You were made to be kissed, often and well.
George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords (via feellng)


There’s a piano in the street.


Lannister Family by Giacobino
My idea of rich is that you can buy every book you ever want without looking at the price and you’re never around assholes. That’s the two things to really fight for in life.
John Waters (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)


American Psycho (2000)
Mary Harron

I hate slick and pretty things. I prefer mistakes and accidents. Which is why I like things like cuts and bruises - they’re like little flowers. I’ve always said that if you have a name for something, like ‘cut’ or ‘bruise,’ people will automatically be disturbed by it. But when you see the same thing in nature, and you don’t know what it is, it can be very beautiful.
David Lynch (via mariomayfire)
nice friend person: hey, how've you been?
me: capitalism is crushing me. i am barely surviving. i am full of toxic resentment. i want revenge.